We are here for you.

As we all shift our daily routines and settle into a 100% remote work environment we know that work must continue.  That means your ServiceNow Environment may be more critical than ever.   The changes in work style and locations may be a challenge for many companies. Our ServiceNow Clients are working hard to get back to "normal" and that means they must continue to maintain and enhance the day-to-day Run-State of the NOW platform.  

If you are in-need of any short-term assistance, we can be that stop-gap for you. We are here to help get through this challenging time.

Some common examples of how we are helping other ServiceNow Clients with staffing challenges and development needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • System Administration (Fixing Issues / Fulfilling Sys Admin Requests from your User-Base)
  • Upgrades (Testing, Defect Mitigation, Guidance)
  • Development / Configuration (Their backlog of Enhancements, In-Flight Projects)
  • General Guidance (Ongoing Architectural Services, Hand-Holding, and Guidance on Current and Future State)
  • Prescribed Knowledge Transfer plan so we can get up and running in their platform in a few days

In addition, we have modified our Novo/Run service to ensure that ServiceNow Clients impacted the most are able to get and running with us as soon as possible:

  • Simplified Contract Process
  • Short-Term Contracts
  • Temporarily Reduced Rates

If we can be of assistance please reach out to us using the form below and we can walk you through the above and see if we are able to help.  Our ultimate goal around this is to ensure that your ServiceNow platform is healthy, innovation continues, and your Users are getting what they need.

We hope that everyone is safe and you are able to do what you need to during this challenge.  If you do not need any help right now that is fantastic and we wish you the best.  If things change we are here if you need us.



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